Surface processing techniques

Discover our surface treatment techniques for wood, metal and more

Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland is the expert in the field of surface treatments in the wood, metal and plastic industry. Because Cosma produces processing machines and brushes in-house, we know everything about ins and outs of surface techniques. Regardless of your material type (wood, aluminum, steel, plastic), Cosma offers the right brush for your machine. Need advice or would like to test the machines and brushes? You are very welcome to visit the test center in Weert, the Netherlands.


Nylon abrasive brushes for distressing wood - Cosma Surface Technology

aging parquet, graining, brushing, artificial aging of wood and engineered floorings

Sanding brushes with sandpaper - Cosma Surface Technology

creating smooth surfaces and breaking edges of untreated wood

Pre-sanding - Cosma Surface Technology

creating adhesion and/or light sanding, intermediate sanding

Plank before dusting - Cosma Surface Technology

cleaning, dedusting

Roller coater oil line parquet production - Cosma Surface Technology

applying oil, stain or lacquer, parquet

Pad brushes oiling wood grain - Cosma Surface Technology

spreading oil, stain and lacquer

Deburring brush - Cosma Surface Technology

removing burrs caused by metal processing


creating surface roughness

Tailor-made solutions - Cosma Surface Technology

a sample of the materials that we process

Surface processing techniques - Cosma

our brush expertise


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